Leonard Erkstam does not exist

(December 2020) I got contacted by a woman that wondered if I am the one calling himself ”Leonard Erkstam” on Tinder. Because the profile uses pictures of me. I could assure her that it is not me since I have never had any accounts on any dating sites or dating apps.

My name is Daniel Erkstam. I met my wife in 1990 long before the Internet, dating apps, or dating websites. We have been married since 1992 and we have five children. To have a profile on Tinder would be a terrible idea since I love my wife, we have a good relationship and my true hope and thought is that we will be together for the rest of our lives.

So Leonard Erkstam is not me. And any profile with pictures of me on a dating app or a dating site will never be me.

It is unclear of what the purpose are with the profile but there is sure always some purpose behind stealing someones identity. To start with identity theft is illegal. And according to GDPR legislation in EU a photo is counted as personal data. The woman who contacted me thought there was something suspicious about the profile and the behaviour so she found me, the real person behind the pictures. I really hope the false profile haven’t managed to trick someone.

Tinder have a web form where you can submit abuses so I could get the false profile for ”Leonard Erkstam” deleted quickly.

Below you can se what ”Leonard Erkstam” looked like on Tinder before it got deleted.
If you found pictures of me on Tinder or any other dating app, please contact me so I can get it deleted.

At last: Very strange to use picures of a 50 years old bald overweight man for getting in contact with ladies. But maybe I look kind and harmless? 😂 Also very unclever to use pictures of a person that is so easily Googled as me. And a picture with a clear view of my employer Salgado in the background.

(February 2022) The story of Leonard Erkstam continues:

The story about Leonard Erkstam continues

In February 2022 I was contacted by a lady who said she was in contact on Instagram with a guy who called himself Leonard Erkstam. I found the profile and it has (soon: had) pictures of me both as a profile picture and there was also a couple of my Instagram pictures posted. The most creepy thing was that one picture the had stolen from my profile was one of me and my daughter when we were at an Elk Safari:
Leonard Erkstam doesnt exist on Instagram
Leonard Erkstam doesn’t still exist and I will get help to get the false profile deleted.

Whoever uses the name ”Leonard Erkstam” and keeps stealing my pictures will not win this (SEO) battle… Suspicious ladies and people will google the name. And this will be the first hit on that search.

Leonard Erskstam

Oh, and by the way ”Leonard Erskstam” on Facebook doesn’t either exist:
Leonard Erskstam